Salsa Valentina

Salsa Valentina
Brand: Downy
Product Code: 043
Availability: In Stock

Salsa Valentina is known mostly for its taste as opposed to its heat. The taste can be described as a citrus flavor with a spicy aftertaste. It is often used on cucumbers and many varieties of fruit, such as watermelon, oranges, and pineapple, with lemon and salt. Add some flavor to your food with Salsa Valentina

Salsa Valentina come in liquid form and in the following flavors and sizes:

- Salsa Valentina 1 lt.

- Salsa Valentina 327 ml. in boxes of 24

- Salsa Valentina Black 1 lt. in boxes of 12

- Salsa Valentina Black 327 ml in boxes of 24

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